Using Cunimail

Messages to the entire list should be addressed to: [email protected]

Use discretion when sending messages to the entire list. Some comments may be helpful to many, others should be sent only to a specific individual.

When responding to messages, please respond to the sender unless you want your reply to go to the entire list, in which case send your reply to the address above.


Typing in all caps is YELLING! When sending a personal response to a message, don't send it to the entire list; reply to the sender only.  Sending off-topic messages is okay but please identify them as such in the subject (e.g., NOT MAIL RELATED). Last but not least, be sure that what you send is what you want everyone to read. Once you press the send button, the message is gone and can't be recalled. Double-check your message before you send it. 


Please get permission to send copyrighted material (i.e., material that is not covered by "fair use.") NACUMS complies with all applicable copyright laws.

Managing Cunimail

Subscribers can manage their subscriptions by logging in to their profiles.  Instructions for managing your subscription. (LINK TO PDF)

Cunimail Archives

Subscribers can access past Cunimail messages via the archives when logged in to their profile.
                - To access messages posted since October 25, 2019, through the My Profile portal follow these instructions.  LINK TO INSTRUCTIONS - IN MEMBER-ONLY SECTION

- Subscribers can access messages before October 24, 2019, at The Cunimail Archives (  - IN MEMBER ONLY SECTION


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