According to the bylaws, CUMSA's purpose and objectives are “to promote, develop and unite educational postal employees, to facilitate cooperation and communication between its members, and to provide a means through which their knowledge and experience may be promote and maintain high professional standards, to develop and improve training and educational opportunities, to collect and distribute information of value to its members, to render assistance when requested, and to generally further the interests of postal personnel."
One of the most popular segments of the annual meeting is an afternoon of open roundtable discussion that focuses on problems and suggests possible solutions. CUMSA is strongly motivated by an awareness that no matter what our individual school and state policies may be, regardless of whether our school is a small community college, state funded, private college or a large university, our mail services responsibilities are so similar that an adaptable solution is probable in place within our member schools. CUMSA has made a visible difference in campus mail operations in many Southeastern schools.
If you are not a member of CUMSA and are interested in learning more about this organization, get in touch with Jean Good at the address list below.
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